Our Story

Like many legendary products, Pancho Bigotes salsas had a rather anecdotal start. You see, Pancho Bigotes initially started in 2001 as a pub in beautiful San Luis Potosí, Mexico by Hector Medina. It quickly became a favorited destination for beer and fresh snacks, or “botanas”. Botanas in Mexico are often served with salsas or dips, so Mr. Medina began preparing salsas and leaving them out in condiment bottles for customers to enjoy. There was just one unexpected challenge…the salsas became so popular among customers, that the bottles “mysteriously” kept disappearing. But, like any successful entrepreneur, Mr. Medina found opportunity through this curious dilemma. He began bottling his salsas and offering them for sale to his pub’s customers. And that was the catalyst for something special!

Among those customers was the successful owner of nearby seafood market. He loved the salsas so much, he ordered 30 jars. This was truly exciting for Mr. Medina! The order for 30 jars soon grew to 50, then 60 jars…per week!

It’s funny how life comes around full circle. After Pancho Bigotes launched in San Antonio, TX, his first client once again, was a local seafood market called Groomer’s Seafood. And, just like his initial experience in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, orders for his salsas have steadily increased Pancho Bigotes has become a sought-after brand by Groomer’s Seafood customers.